Turkey's Opinion Panel


Turkish Opinion Panel


Turkish Opinion Panel is  one of the first online platform dedicated to market and public opinion research in Turkey. Its vision is to provide fast, economic and reliable data to help clients make business decisions and to meet all international quality standards.

Our panel  converges  mobile and  online technologies for higher speed, panelists can receive e-mail as well as SMS notifications for all surveys which they are eligible to take.

Based on the in-depth profiling of our panels, we can identify hard-to-reach audiences quickly and cost effectively. Our panelists participate in profile surveys covering a wide range of topics

From survey design to project implementation to reporting, our experienced team is dedicated to helping clients.

Clients cannot afford to make key decisions based on poor data from untrustworthy survey respondents. Turkey’s Opinion Panel continuously to focuses on data and panel quality by implementing a quality policy and a technological development programme

We use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in order to organize campaigns and to inform panelists regarding new surveys.


 Turkey's Opinion Panel


Our panelists are rewarded in two ways: they earn certain points for each completed survey. These points can be changed into free talk time, free SMS or mobile and used immediately. In addition to that they receive different prizes like smartphones, mp3 players, tablets etc. by taking part in various campaigns social media campaigns


For more information  and quotations, please e-mail  info@xsights.co.uk




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